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About KLDue

I'm an Australian family medical doctor working in a private general practice--with a passion for evidenced based, clean, ethical, quality practice. My work involves searching out skin cancers, skin surgery, tailored skin advice for the every day person who needs to look their best, budget and natural skin care remedies, debunking urban dermatological myths (ie there is something worse than parabens; and leaky skin out ranks leaky gut!). I have a heart for mind-body-skin welless in all stages of life. I am inspired to live well in a small community without becoming small minded. I encourage GPs in rural settings to support their colleagues from other practices, to encourage difference and creativity and to seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

Love’s Caress

The room was a good size, very generous by comparison to normal hospital rooms. Even when compared to other rooms in the Hospice its size and location made it a haven. The Hospice, which was created out of an imposing … Continue reading

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About this site

This blog is designed to help family and friends who are caring for a dying relative or friend at home. This can be a very meaningful experience but at times can be terrifying. While most of us have experienced grief or loss of … Continue reading

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