This page has a number of PDF articles regarding symptom management, communication skills, as well as links to helpful pages for GPs, Pastoral Carers/ Chaplains and other health professionals.

Communication Skills

MJA communication skills PDF

“A time to die” – exploring Resuscitation PDF

A Chaplain’s Perspective PDF

A Multidisciplinary Training Program For Spiritual Care in Palliative Care–an excellent resource which enables you to download video training and work at your own pace. From Palliative Care Australia

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

This is an educational program that acknowledges and attends to the human condition, particularly life’s religious and spiritual dimensions. There are providers in nearly all states of Australia as well as overseas. The CPE program is accredited as a basic unit by the Association for Supervised Pastoral Education in Australia Inc. Successful completion of the unit can be credited as a subject for the Bachelor of Theology degree with teaching institutions associated with the Melbourne College of Divinity and other bodies. See

Symptom Management

Palliative Care Guidelines from the Scottish NHS. A great resource with material on symptom management, education and bereavement.

Killing the Symptom Not The Patient A link to a helpful full-text paper from the Canadian Family Physician.

Care Search (Australia’s Palliative Care Knowledge Network) Clinical Practice.

Book – The Therapeutic Guidelines in Palliative Care. (Palliative Care Expert Group.  Therapeutic guidelines: palliative care. Version 3. Melbourne: Therapeutic Guidelines Limited; 2010.)

Residential Aged Care

Link to the Australian Government’s PDF Guidelines for a Palliative Approach in residential Aged Care. This is an essential resource for Director’s Of Nursing and other Aged Care staff to be familiar with. There is training available (see here) to help implement these guidelines.

Link to the Royal Australian College of GPs “silver book” called the Medical Care of Older Persons in residential Aged Care Facilities.

From personal experience working in a hospice setting, Aged care Facilities should have a copy of the Australian Therapeutic Guidelines in Palliative Care (see above). This small and relatively inexpensive book is used on a daily basis by nurses and doctors alike.

System Issues

As Australia’s population ages, three things are inevitable: more people will develop chronic illnesses; more will grow very ill and more will die. Blueprints for the future suggest an increasingly important role for general practitioners and primary healthcare in palliative care. A paper from the RACGP Australian Family Physician: Primary palliative care – facing twin challenges (pdf 385KB)


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